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SMARTDesktop - The VDI Solution

Microsoft ending its support for some of its products has actually turned into a money-saver for many organizations.  Many organizations have used this opportunity to move out of the grip of Microsoft and into the world of open source.  New VDI ( SMARTDesktop ) solutions have now stepped in to support such moves. Some time back, Microsoft ended its support for Windows XP along with Internet Explorer V8. Microsoft also ended the mainstream support to Windows 7 on January 13, 2015 and is urging its user base to adopt Windows 8.1.  As current and future versions of Windows and Office demand desktops of higher power and configuration, sustaining loyalty to Microsoft would mean buying new end-point hardware of increased configuration to support latest Microsoft Operating System & applications. Traditional VDI solutions are locked to Microsoft Operating Systems and does not allow users to deliver free & open source applications from a Linux Server. This results in si

Can we imagine a world without Open Source Software?

Can we imagine a world without Open Source Software? We have seen, over a period of time that how small initial changes would lead to monumental consequences over a fairly short time. Since Linux Torvalds' first released the source code in 1991, Linux has spread by allowing users to modify, improve & share software. Open Source Software is a massive force in technology today. Yet many of us aren’t aware of the reach and influence open source has on our personal and professional lives. Steven Johnson, the author of the seminal book Interface Culture in his article about the Power of Collaboration in spurring innovation, Johnson refers to how ubiquitous open source software has become in every aspect of our lives, and asks us to imagine what would happen — cue the announcer voice — in a world without open source. He paints a stunning picture: “For starters, the Internet and the Web would instantly evaporate. Every Android smartphone, every iPad, iPhone and Mac