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SMARTDesktop - Microsoft Licensing & Total Cost of Ownership – Part 2

Last article ( part 1 ) was all about the definition of VDI, types of deployment, the flexibility that SMARTDesktop would bring on to the table thus increasing the benefits. In this article, we shall take a customer scenario and try to explain the Microsoft Licenses to be procured by the customer. Assumptions: Total Number of Users / end points – 200 Customer's ERP runs only on Microsoft Windows Operating System both on server and client side. Customer has not implemented the Web client for the ERP, thus sticking to desktop client to be installed on every individual endpoint. Customer wants to reuse his existing PCs but need to change the operating system as Microsoft has ended the extended support and mainstream support for Windows XP and Windows 7 respectively. Customer has already started using Open Office across the organization. Customer wants to have better control over the licenses and wants to remove the overhead of maintaining e

SMARTDesktop - Microsoft Licensing & Total Cost of Ownership – Part 1

Introduction of SMARTDesktop – The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) echoed many questions about Microsoft Licensing & the total cost of ownership for SMARTDesktop based VDI solution. Some of the questions: whether VDI solution saves of Microsoft Licensing?  Do we need to purchase as many licenses as we need to in a typical desktop situation Can't we purchase just one license of the OS & application as the application is installed on only one server etc. There were even comments like the savings we talk about in a VDI situation is negligible and going with traditional desktop / laptop makes sense. Hence through this article we are explaining the Microsoft Licensing for SMARTDesktop – The VDI Solution and its direct and indirect benefits. This article is written in 3 parts; the first defines the Virtual Desktop & types of implementation, flexibility SMARTDesktop will bring to the solution; the second explains the Microsoft Licensing requirements taki

Database Performance & Optimization

Off late I was thinking about some of the services that we can render from eXzaTech on the data & information management solutions and I suddenly remembered two interesting situations I handled sometime (of course quite long ago) back. I thought I should share them with you. Hence this article. In the first, it was more to do with complaints from a software development company on the performance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition on a server with Intel Itanium Processor. Software developers were complaining that SQL Server is not performing well on Itanium Processor and they were benchmarking the performance against Intel Xeon processor based server without emphasizing the fact that they were not comparing apple to apple. In their labs they were using Intel Xeon based servers with low volume test data whereas the production server was handling the very high volume, live production data of an international shipping company. Although Itanium Processor lost out