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Samba4 Active Directory in action in a Commercial Bank in India

Sometime back the an institution promoted by Central Bank in India had conducted workshop on " Road for adoption of Open Sour ce Software in Banks", where we had presented a case study on the extent of Open Source Adaption in one of the Premier Scheduled Commercial Bank Headquartered in South India.  The bank has a staff strength of about 7500, operating about 800 branches across the country. I thought I should present this specific case study here through this article. Probably this will set the standards for adoption of Open Source technology for different critical and non-critical functions. The bank, for core banking system, has been operating the Proprietary Software for long and they continue to upgrade the same for their core operations. However the bank, during the year 2003, for many applications like HR Leave Management, Customer Grievance Portals, IT Support Management, Bills Collections, internal chat, file sharing etc., that are classified as non-critical and